Japanese Friendship Garden Spring Senior Portrait Photoshoot

If you are looking for a unique spot in San Jose for your senior portraits, the Japanese Friendship Garden is such a great option! The red bridge adds such a unique touch, and there are lovely foliage and stones everywhere!

It’s super close to Kelley park/History San Jose (one of my favorite spots!), there’s always plenty of parking, and if you go on a weekday it’s not too busy.

Aside from the parking fee (which is only around 5 bucks), entrance to the Japanese Friendship Garden is totally free!

One thing to note is that they have been working on construction at the garden, so sometimes the lovely koi fish ponds & mini waterfalls are drained out.

The day Omega and I went to the Japanese Friendship Garden, we were a bit out of luck and the water was drained out.

However, we made use of the lovely stones, vibrant red bridge, and leafy foliage, and got incredible senior portrait images anyway!

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two sisters in front of lush green foliage

Omega’s sister came along and I’m so glad she did so we could take this lovely photo and capture this memory!

She was a bit reluctant because she wasn’t prepared for the photo-op, but she loved the final result anyway 🙂

Congratulations Omega!

college graduate wearing UC Santa Cruz blue and yellow stole


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