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In-N-Out Wedding Photoshoot

Dominic and Kasey met at In-N-Out, so of course, they had to have an In-N-Out wedding photoshoot!

The morning after the wedding, we drove over early in the AM when the restaurant was empty and had only 30 mins to get our photos before the store opened.

Their co-workers were all clapping and cheering, which was the absolute cutest thing <3. There’s nothing like love and support from your work fam!

I knew In-N-Out would be a great spot, not only because they met there, but the old diner aesthetic is so unique yet classy for a fast food joint!

The lighting in In-N-Out is prettier than many actual wedding venues, so it’s a no-brainer to have an In-N-Out wedding photoshoot if you like retro vibes and want something unique and laid back.

The bonus of an In-N-Out wedding: delicious snack breaks!

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