Can You Get Grad Photos Taken After Graduating From Community College?

The answer is YES! Here’s why.

Graduating from a community college is an achievement. Honestly, the amount of times I’ve heard people say “who’d get grad photos for a CC…” makes me sad, because some of the most hard-working and dedicated students I’ve worked with as a photographer have been from community colleges. More often than not, they’re balancing multiple jobs, taking care of their family, and paying their way through school. Many of them are figuring out what they want for their future, aiding their family, all while grinding in their classes.

Also, community colleges are the places where people go after deciding to start a new career or enhance their resume by taking new classes. An A.A. degree can sometimes catapult your career to success faster than a 4-year can (depending on the industry of course), so why not celebrate that? You deserve to be able to celebrate your journey to achieve your dreams.

When Emma reached out to me about getting grad photos taken, she seemed a bit embarrassed about wanting grad photos since she’s graduating from De Anza College and not a 4-year university. Having graduated from a community college myself, I felt honored to take her grad photos, and the shoot couldn’t have gone any better!

Senior Portrait at De Anza College
Carla D.A. Photography | San Jose Senior Photographer

Bonus: If you decide to go to a 4-year, you are all prepared and ready for your next grad shoot! You’ll be a pro amongst your peers 😉



Here’s what Emma had to say about our session at De Anza Community College:

“I was very hesitant before booking a session with Carla. I have never been one to be in front of the camera and I wasn’t sure how to act or how to pose or really what to do. I was also hesitant because I was only graduating from a community college; no one takes photos from just a CC. After talking back and forth with Carla, I was very confident in my decision to go through and take photos. Throughout the whole process, she was very patient, kind, supportive, and much more. She made me feel so comfortable. While taking photos, she helped recommend different poses and had photos of them too, to better help me get into it and see what exactly she was talking about. Once I received my photos, I fell in love with them and I am so glad I made the decision to book with her!” – Emma B.