Sharon | Unique Stanford Unviersity Graduation Session

When most people inquire about grad photos at Stanford University, they’re thinking of the gorgeous architecture and the beloved Stanford Cactus garden. But, Sharon was different. She wanted her photos taken inside her department building, and I was SO hyped for the challenge! Sharon wanted her accomplishments, talents, and unique skills shown in the images. I loved the more journalistic approach.

Sharon showed off the types of equations she encountered and solved on her finals, her soldering skills, and the amazing 3D models she’s made over the semester. Never before have I learned this much on a grad session!


Bay Area Senior Photographer
Stanford University Photographer | Carla D.A. Photo

We had extra time, so we decided to get some of the signature Stanford University grad photos locked in as well 🙂

Here’s what Sharon had to say about our senior session images taken at Stanford University:

“Wow Carla those photos are absolutely amazing, 1000x better than I ever hoped for! I really did not have much confidence going into the shoot because I’m such a non-traditional Stanford student. Thank you so much for helping me feel confident and allowing me to honestly represent myself!”