San Jose Bay Area Senior Portrait Photographer

college graduate in white dress in front of stanford university
san jose state senior photo blowing glitter
Graduate blowing glitter
uc santa barbara male graduate
college graduate in white dress in front of stanford university
san jose state senior photo blowing glitter
Graduate blowing glitter
uc santa barbara male graduate

It's time to commemorate your success!

Senior year of school--be it high school, or college-- marks a multitude of life's milestones which is why it's important to stop and capture the moment! Senior photos are all about YOU and your accomplishments. Oftentimes we don't ever take a break in life, but senior photos allow us to relax, enjoy the successes, and reward yourself!

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Bay Area Senior Portrait Photographer

from happy grads & seniors:


"Carla made me feel comfortable all throughout me shoot and offered kind advice on possible poses that would best suit what I was looking for.

She improvised a great deal during the shoot and the results worked well in our favor (i.e. making her own confetti with yellow flower petals) which totally matched the San Jose State theme.

After the shoot, she quickly uploaded the best photos in her gallery and let me choose the ones I wanted at home. It took her only a few days to edit the photos and the results blew me away!

After my experience, I realized how kind, patient, and talented Carla truly is. I am excited to share these photos with the rest of my family and I can't wait to book another photo session with her in the future. I 100% recommend her if you need a Bay Area senior portrait photographer."

- Marlene R.

"I don't know where to start! Carla's photography has exceeded my expectations! This is my first time doing a professional photoshoot, therefore I was a little lost, but she guided me through the whole process thoroughly!

There were some weather issues and she was kind enough to accommodate all of the circumstances, which I TRULY APPRECIATE. She puts in the time and effort to get the perfect shot and location.

I am definitely glad to have worked with her and will definitely again in the future!"

- Daisy N.

"I cannot say enough great things about Carla! I did my graduation photos with her. She answered all of my questions before the photoshoot and made me feel like I had the made decision to splurge on photos.

I have never felt comfortable around the camera but Carla made me feel so comfortable.

She helped choose poses and knew our photo site very well. She quickly uploaded the proofs the same day and was able to provide the final photos only a few days later.

What an awesome surprise!!! I would not hesitate to hire Carla again for any photos you need done. Do not hesitate Carla is the right photographer for you!"

- Amber S.

"I had a graduation photo shoot with Carla and my experience working with her was awesome! She was very responsive to any questions I had prior to the photoshoot.

As it was my first ever photo shoot, I was definitely worried about my photos turning out boring and awkward looking, but she was really helpful in providing suggestions for different possible poses and pretty much guided me through the entire process making me feel extremely comfortable.

I was also really pleased with how quick her service was, she uploaded proofs within the same day of the photoshoot and the final edited images within a few days, not to mention how amazing the photos turned out, I absolutely loved it!!

I would definitely recommend Carla to anyone in the Bay Area looking for a skilled senior portrait photographer!"

- Fuisim Y.

Carla is a professional San Jose Bay Area senior portrait photographer dedicated to capturing your most precious milestones.